Curriculum Vitae

Resume (english version in .pdf format) (last update 01/11/13)

Name: Allan Sacha BRUN

Position: Head of the Laboratory Dynamics of Stars and their Environment - Senior Astrophysicist

Date of Birth: 09/18/71 in Marseille (France)


CEA Saclay

Fax: 33 1 69 08 65 77

Email: mail1 or mail2

For a recent update on the latest developments in my research project please check the STARS2's web site

Activity: Head of the Laboratory Dynamics of Stars and their Environment and Principal Investigator of the European Research Council project: Simulations of Turbulence, Activity and Rotation in the Sun and Stars (STARS2). Senior permanent researcher at the Service d'Astrophysique (SAp) of the French Center for Atomic Research CEA. My main fields of research are Stellar dynamics, structure and evolution, Convection in stars, Stellar magnetic activity and dynamo effects. These studies on stellar magnetohydrodynamics focus on the solar convection zone, dealing with the establishment of the differential rotation and the meridional circulation and their connection with the magnetic cycle of 22 years of activity, as well as with core convection in A-type stars, looking to quantify the amount of overshooting and the properties of central dynamo. I conduct 3-D simulations with the ASH (anelastic spherical harmonic) code on massively parallel supercomputers, seeking to study intensely turbulent states (please check my recent Habilitation). My studies of the solar dynamics interact closely with helioseismology, which provides important guidance and constraints for the theory. Formerly Senior Research Associate at JILA (University of Colorado at Boulder) on computational fluid dynamics and turbulent convection, working in the astrophysical fluid dynamics group with J. Toomre. My PhD thesis (1998) was done simultaneously at the Service d'Astrophysique, CEA/Saclay and at the Département d'Astrophysique Stellaire et Galactique (DASGAL), Observatory of Paris/Meudon under the supervision of S. Turck-Chièze and J.-P. Zahn. For my PhD thesis I studied the internal structure and stratification of the Sun, using the most recent nuclear reaction rates, equation of state, opacities and microscopic and macroscopic diffusion processes within solar models computed with the CESAM stellar evolution code. The results were compared with helioseismic data, surface abundance observations and neutrino experiments in order to develop self-consistent models of the solar interior structure, see my publications, talks and movies.


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Computing: Operating Systems: Unix, VMS, Windows, Mac/OS; Languages: Pascal, Fortran (77 & 90), C, HTML & MPI (for parallel computers), as well as numerical analysis techniques needed to solve problems in physics (like turbulence or stellar structure and evolution).

Hobbies: Drums, polar bears, roller blading, comics, baseball, scuba-diving, snowboarding, computing...