Solar Focus Meetings

We now have Solar Focus Meetings once a month. Click here for the recordings of past events.

Informal solar physics seminars & discussions

These were held on Tuesdays at 4 pm in W275 at 3665 Discovery Dr (SPSC)

May 10, 2016  Computational boot camp at LCD

May 3, 2016  Axel Brandenburg: Magnetic Helicity Spectra of Solar Active Regions

Apr 26, 2016  Fang Fang: something new about dynamos

Apr 19, 2016  Savita Mathur will be talking to us about various aspects of solar/stellar magnetic activity

Apr 12, 2016  Rebecca Centeno giving the JILA colloquium at this time

Apr 5, 2016  Rebecca Centeno: about AR emergence and perhaps something from Sunrise II

Mar 29, 2016  Jean-Francois Cossette: new results on entropy rain convection (part II)

Mar 22, 2016  Jean-Francois Cossette: new results on entropy rain convection

Mar 15, 2016  we'll be at the ALMA workshop

Mar 8, 2016  Sarah Jabbari: Turbulent reconnection of magnetic bipoles in stratified turbulence

Mar 1, 2016  Igor Rogachevskii: Alternative theory of sunspots formation

Feb 23, 2016  Nathan Kleeorin: The dynamics of Wolf numbers based on nonlinear dynamo with magnetic helicity: comparisons with observations

Feb 16, 2016  Serena Criscuoli: about the distribution of magnetic features over the cycle and the implications of solar irradiance modeling

Feb 9, 2016  Kevin Reardon: about Ellerman bombs, UV bursts, and the discussions at the ISSI meeting in Bern

Feb 2, 2016  Informal discussion

Jan 26, 2016  Axel Brandenburg: Modelling repeatedly flaring delta-sunspots (paper by Piyali Chatterjee et al. [journal club])

Jan 19, 2016  Mark Rast: The deep solar convection, solar differential rotation, and the origin of the solar supergranulation (rerun of SwRI talk of Dec 11, 2015)

Jan 12, 2016  Axel Brandenburg: Helioseismic f-mode precursors 1-2 days prior to NOAA 11768, 11158 and 12051

Jan 5, 2016  Steve Cranmer: about supergranulation and the question: Can the Solar Wind be Driven by Magnetic Reconnection in the Sun's Magnetic Carpet?

Dec 22, 2015  Valentin Pillet: about granular-scale flux emergence

Dec 1, 2015  Regner Trampedach: about radiative cooling and turbulent entrainment

Nov 24, 2015  Jean-Francois Cossette: about simulations with different convective forcings

Nov 17, 2015  Axel Brandenburg: about entropy rain convection, including a discussion of some experiments with radiation transport

Nov 10, 2015  Fang Fang: About convective motions in an adiabatic atmosphere driven by cooling

Nov 5, 2015  Courtney Peck: Center-to-limb profile sensitivity

Oct 29, 2015  Jean-Francois Cossette: alpha effect in global convection simulations

Axel Brandenburg
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